Abbie, we have returned from our wonderful trip and would like to extend a huge thanks to you!  Planning a trip for 12 people presented its' challenges, and you were an integral part of that planning process. You were always at our beck and call answering questions and offering suggestions.  Our trip was fantastic - thank you again for all of your help!  I will be writing you a 5-star review on Facebook soon.  Look forward to working with you on our next trip!
-Joanne and John Clevenger

My family and I had the best vacation thanks to Michelle - she works tirelessly for you to have a seamless vacation!!! I appreciated all of her tips and advice and she was even gracious enough to assist my parents who made their own arrangements. Meals, fast passes, advice - Michelle did it all! Without her help we would not have understood how the character meals worked or the fast passes. We actually met people at the park one day who did not know how to use fast passes so they completely missed out! (High volume week - they were all gone by noon). Thank you Michelle!
-Lauren Reed, Dallas, TX

Kelly was so great to work with! She knows everything about Disney, and her recommendations were so helpful. If we had any questions she responded very quickly. She notified us of a discount on our rooms prior to our travel date, and saved us over $500. We would have done all the planning ourselves, but utilizing Kelly and all her knowledge and experience saved us so much time and money. We will recommend her to anyone wanting to book a trip to Disney World, the most magical place!

Tracy B. provides excellent service and know how. I am a Disney Veteran and yet I rely on her for advice. From the Osbourne Family Lights to dinner at Ohana's while watching the fireworks over Cinderella's Castle, she can get reservations better than anyone! She is a value and will make your trip much more than it ever could be on your own. Tracy’s tips and suggestions really added to the Magic of the vacation with memories to last a lifetime! Thank you Tracy!!

Cara Winstead is the bomb! Honestly, I don’t know how on earth she responds so quickly; it doesn’t matter when you text or email her, she is right back with you! 99% of the time she knows the answer to your question, but if she doesn’t she finds it out – and quickly! My daughter and I just returned from a 5 day trip to WDW and it was absolutely fantastic. We booked pretty late (just about two months out) and were disappointed that none of the Epcot resorts were available, so we booked at another one and asked Cara to keep checking to see if something became available. I know she checked every day (probably multiple times a day knowing her) and sure enough about two weeks out she managed to snag us a room at the Boardwalk Inn within the monetary limit I had given her. Not only that, she called and talked to them about our special requests regarding the room (view of the fireworks from Epcot, not too far from the elevator, view of the garden rather than the pool, if possible) and guess what? We got EVERYTHING we asked for! I cannot say enough good things about Cara’s care and concern for her clients. You absolutely cannot go wrong using her as your agent for your next Disney trip!
-Cathy Bryant

Missy is great!!!! She knows all the little things that are important when you go to Disney. Even if you've been before, she gets all the latest info from Disney. She'll find out if character dinners that are all booked happen to get openings. We went on the Disney Cruise. We needed a car to get from the airport to Port Canaveral. Everyone wanted $250 to get there. She found a car rental company that had a place in both locations. We ended up doing 2 one way rentals that cost us less than $100. She will guide you and walk you through anything, and it doesn't cost you a dime. She works with Disney and it doesn't affect the price of your trip. It's a no brainer!!!
-Jim Pickering

Kim and Eric Lancy planned our second trip to Disney also. They went out of their way to help us. We had the Nemo Suite and it was perfect for our family Pap, Bubby, Mom Dad and Baby girl Nevaeh. I would have them schedule any trip back.
-Linda, PA

Kelly was so great to work with! She knows everything about Disney, and her recommendations were so helpful. If we had any questions she responded very quickly. She notified us of a discount on our rooms prior to our travel date, and saved us over $500. We would have done all the planning ourselves, but utilizing Kelly and all her knowledge and experience saved us so much time and money. We will recommend her to anyone wanting to book a trip to Disney World, the most magical place!

Thank you Christina for planning a perfect trip for my family. We had a wonderful time and you made all of that so easy for us. I will recommend you to anyone I know that is planning a Disney vacation.
Jacqueline T. Rudder

Tina was and is absolutely amazing at planning the best Disney trip ...for me and mine! She is the reason that this will now be an annual family trip! Thank you!
-Jessica C. Cleveland, OH

I’m not even sure where to begin. Cara is so amazing from emails, phone calls, text messages, she stays so involved, keeps you so informed, gives you so much information and so many choices and plans your vacation for the budget and schedule that’s just right for your family. My folder had everything I needed in it, decorated so cute, she showed up to my office with it plus lil happies for Elizabeth and LilyAnna since it was their first trip. I won’t plan another trip without her!!!
-Paula and Billy Ouellette

Michelle is truly amazing! Just returned from our first trip to Disney and it definitely was magical thanks to her. I had no idea what I was doing going in and she walked me through every step and was beyond helpful with all of her guidance. Michelle provided wonderful advice, answered all my questions and made herself available at all times. Whether this is your first or tenth trip to Disney, I highly recommend Michelle. I can't imagine our trip being so wonderful without her. Looking forward to working with you again in the (near) future.
-Joanna Castagnaro

Diane goes above and beyond every step of the way to make your vacation magical. She constantly monitored for discounts and deals. She worked tirelessly to get us every single dining reservation we were hoping for, to include Cinderella's Table and dinner at Be Our Guest. She even stayed up until 1am to ensure my family got a Fastpass to meet Anna and Elsa! Diane gave my family the trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend her, and I look forward to working with her in the future!
-Stacy Dubois  

We are just in our planning stages for our trip but I want everyone to know Linda has been fabulous. She came highly recommended from a friend of the family. She has helped in so many ways and continues to do it with joy. Can't wait for our trip in 9 days!! So glad we have Linda magic!!!
-Nicki Baselj

Cara was a great help in planning our recent trip to Disney World. She is very quick to respond to any questions you may have and has a ton of advice to help your trip go smoothly. Thanks again, Cara for helping to make our trip a magical one!
-Tracy Smith 

Kelly was recommended by a good friend and so I thought I would use her services for my family's first trip to Disney, and I am so thankful I did. Kelly was exceptional, helpful, answered every question we had and also answered questions I didn't know I had! It felt like a personal concierge. I have since recommended friends to her and will continue to do so.
-Jenna, New Hampshire

If you are looking to book a trip to Disney, Tina at Love the Mouse Travel is the perfect Disney travel agent for the job! She has booked our last three trips to Disney from the flights, hotels, tickets and even dining reservations. She is very knowledgeable and knows all the questions that I have asked her about over the years! I have and will keep referring Tina to all my family, friends and clients for years to come. Thanks Tina for booking all our magical trips!
-Denise S. Streetsboro, Oh

Kelly helped us plan our honeymoon to Disney in May 2015. It was my husband’s first time and I hadn't been in probably 20 years. She made everything seamless. And was always available for any questions. We loved staying at the boardwalk and are already planning a 2017 return. Our trip was perfect!!
-Erin, Boston, MA

I cannot say enough about how wonderful Cara is!! She made our trip so easy and has an answer for every question/every scenario. She responds so quickly and has so many great tips for making a fantastic vacation. Couldn’t ask for a better agent!! Will book all of our vacations through her from now on. Absolutely the best!!
-Jessica Shafer

If you are looking to book a Disney trip, Michelle is your girl! She was phenomenal at helping our family plan our first Disney visit. We even switched resorts on her halfway through and added a guest 2 weeks out and she was more than accommodating! She was very detailed in every response and trust me, I asked a million questions. She applied discounts to our trip once they came out and took top notch care of us. She even took the time to put together a fun package for my kids that she personalized and mailed it to us a few weeks before our trip. They loved everything in the package.I couldn't recommend her more! She's the absolute best! We will definitely be using her for our next Disney vacation.
-Erica Bekerman, TX

Kim and Eric Lancy helped make our Disney Trip truly magical. From the first day we contacted them, it seemed as if our vacation was their top priority. They responded to emails in a very timely manner, were changing our hotel reservations they day the discount was released, and stayed up until after midnight to book our Fast Passes - and they got everyone we requested!!! We were traveling with little ones, and they helped us set reasonable expectations for our children (ie scheduling breaks into the day). They were extremely resourceful and really know the ins and outs of Disney! When I return to Disney in a few years, I will definitely be contacting Kim and Eric! Thank you for helping us plan a wonderful, magical vacation!
- Angie Vuckovich

This was the best family vacation ever thanks to Mrs. Linda. She made my travel plans a lot easier. With all the information and recommendation from her, we got to do enjoy more of Disney World with a lot less stress. She is a wonderful travel agent. Thank you!!
-Kimmie Tran

Best Travel agent ever!!! I would never use anyone else!! Cara helped plan 2 families all in one and for kids too! We had a blast! She helped guide us every step of the way! We knew nothing about Disney and now I feel like a pro. My hubs and I can’t wait till we can go back in a couple of years and we will use Cara again!
-Victoria Brockway

Needing just a few days away, this wonderful lady, Diane, made it happen! We had trouble getting dining reservations and she helped us out working her Disney Magic! I think she really does have fairy wings and pixie dust!
-Stacy Loch

Thank you Tina for helping us plan an amazing Disney trip! All of your advice was spot-on, and everything went just as planned. LOVED Caribbean Beach Resort!
-Stacy W. Aurora, OH

We used Kelly to book our recent family trip to Disney. Her knowledge of the parks, tip sheets and recommendations made our recent trips one of the best. The detailed information she provided saved me a ton of time and allowed me to enjoy the vacation with my family. Kelly also went out of her way to provide recommendations on a grocery delivery service, stroller rental, and a car service. We took full advantage of her recommendations and the service of her recommended vendors was top notch, all items arrived on time as expected. Kelly also watched the Disney sales for our travel dates and saved us a ton of money. I highly recommend Kelly - prompt response, Disney Park knowledge is tremendous, worry & stress free.
-Lisa, Boston, MA

This was definitely one of our family's favorite vacations! Michelle was so thorough, helpful and friendly. She took care of everything. All we had to do was show up and have a magical time! This was our first experience using a travel agent and we were beyond impressed with Michelle! She went above and beyond anything we expected in the way of advice and assistance. We can’t imagine letting any friends go without telling them to call Michelle first. Her advice and suggestions were perfect. The magic bands are the best invention, ever!
-Amy Biggs, San Antonio, TX

Based upon my experience from April 2014 to present concerning my family’s Walt Disney World vacation, I am writing to express my sincerest and warmest gratitude for Matt Haught! Around this time last year, I hatched the notion of taking them to Disney for a surprise birthday vacation, as their birthdays are back-to-back on September 16 and 17, and they would turn 50 and 6 respectively. I had not been to Disney in 23 years; a time before websites, online check-in and TSA restrictions. Unintimidated by the 23 years, I logged onto the Disney site. After all, by nature and education, I am a planner. I tackle issues every day. Turned out Mickey Mouse had my number.   I was in a different world.   It was very Alice in Wonderland as I encountered words like FastPass and places known as The Crystal Palace. I found the LTM website and your link. Wondering if anyone could actually engineer the birthday trip I had in mind, I jotted an introductory email to you. You listened to my ideas, made targeted inquiries about my family, our personalities, likes and dislikes, then created the skeleton of what would evolve to be the best vacation ever. You engineered our travels through each park. Mapping it out with such grace that we traveled seamlessly from destination to destination, ride to ride, with no effort at all. You went above and beyond. To the point that we were stunned by your responsiveness and lifeline assistance. It was like having a personal (guilt-free) Jiminy Cricket guiding our tour of every park. We were blown away. It is also with all of my heart that I thank you for your kindness, effort, energy, patience and careful guidance without which, none of this could have happened as magically as it did.
-Patricia E. Raschiatore, Esquire 

Kim and Eric Lancy have helped me plan 2 Disney trips. I will use them for every Disney trip I plan in the future. They are very helpful and quick to respond to any questions you may have. I would recommend them to everyone!!
-Jen Bohonek

Do NOT go to Disney without using Michelle. She is the expert. She went above and beyond to make sure our trip was excellent! She thought through every detail for us. We were first-time Disney goers, but we felt like experts because of Michelle's expertise! People pay lots of money for the care that Michelle offers free to her travelers. Thank you Michelle!
-Jonathan Pokluda

Hi Cara – We did have an awesome time.  It was so wonderful being able to view our favorite place through the eyes of our 2-year-old who was experiencing everything for the first time. The hotel was incredible and we feel so lucky to have been able to have that experience.  Our only disappointment from the entire trip was having to come home. You did a great job of helping us facilitate our vacation and we will certainly use you again when we plan our next trip as well as recommending you to our friends and family planning a Disney vacation in the future. Thanks again!
-Becky McDaniel & Family 

Linda helped us plan our trip this year and she was phenomenal! She made it stress free and easy! I highly recommend her, she is very knowledgeable and patient... And she will help you have the most AMAZING Disney experience possible.
-Gindy Taranto

Kim and Eric are truly the most outstanding Disney vacation planners out there. They made our 2014 Disney World trip a fabulously magical experience from start to finish. They saw to every trip detail, gave us excellent dining and entertainment recommendations and provided us with tons of support in using the My Disney Experience web site and app to manage our reservations and Fast Pass bookings. When we began planning our trip, we were totally overwhelmed with details, but after a few calls and emails, Kim and Eric completely ironed out all the specifics of our trip, saving us loads of stress. We set out to have one of the most incredible vacations we've ever enjoyed. Thank you guys SO much! Your expertise and customer care are unmatched and we're grateful for all your assistance. We cannot wait to plan our next Disney vacation with you!
- Keely McIntyre

Linda planned our family's magical Walt Disney World trip that we took in December. We had a blast!!! Linda helped us plan everything from resort and dining reservations, fast pass scheduling, to shows and attractions that we would like. I even called her while we were there with a logistics question. She is amazing and I could not have done it without her. Linda is just like the lady in the Disney commercial waving her wand and making things happen!
-Shelly Lunsford

I'm just going to go ahead and say it, Tina is the best travel agent ever!!! I was probably a little annoying with my 1,000 questions per day, but she never failed to instantly respond! She knows Disney in and out and I wouldn't trust anyone else with all of my Disney World plans! Thank you Tina!!!! You're truly the best!!
-Rebecca R. Lakewood, OH

Our first family trip to Disney was amazing--thanks to Kelly! This trip would have been a bust without her! She responded to all one million of my questions in a very timely fashion. She helped find the perfect resort for our large group of mixed ages, and she got us a great deal! Planning a Disney trip can be very overwhelming. She made it as easy as possible for me and provided us with easy to read lists: to do, to pack, must see, FastPass tips etc! Kelly even took time out of her own vacation to help with a small issue we had with our resort. She really knows her stuff! We can't wait to go back.
-Robyn, Derry New Hampshire

Linda, thank you so much for everything you did to make my December trip to Disney World the most magical experience ever!! It was an awesome experience and the Christmas lights and sounds were out of this world.
-Bobby Everett

Thanks Missy, for a wonderful family Disney vacation.  We all had a great time and every meal you suggested was great.  You went over and beyond to make our vacation perfect.  From all the rooms being together to booking the fast passes that you thought we would like (sorry I did not go on the Dwarf Mine Train lol) and the fun character dinners for the kids.  They loved them all.  We loved everything about the vacation and can't wait until the next time.  Be sure we will be calling you to help plan it.  Thanks again for everything you did for us.... especially recommending and booking the stroller.  You were a godsend.
-Judy Hoyt Rayn

We used Kelly to book our recent family trip to Disney. Her knowledge of the parks, tip sheets and recommendations made our recent trips one of the best. The detailed information she provided saved me a ton of time and allowed me to enjoy the vacation with my family. Kelly also went out of her way to provide recommendations on a grocery delivery service, stroller rental, and a car service. We took full advantage of her recommendations and the service of her recommended vendors was top notch, all items arrived on time as expected. Kelly also watched the Disney sales for our travel dates and saved us a ton of money. I highly recommend Kelly - prompt response, Disney Park knowledge is tremendous, worry & stress free.
-Lisa, Boston, MA

Linda, you made our trip to Disneyworld so easy! I didn't have to go through the hectic planning or the worry of payments there was no anxiety at all. You helped us so much and worked with us so happily, we found ourselves wishing we had you with us!
-Cindy Ramsey-Pugh

My family just returned from our vacation at WDW. Ms. Linda was such a patient and knowledgeable help to us during our booking and planning. I would absolutely recommend Linda at Love the Mouse to friends and family that are planning a magical Disney vacation!
-Erica Scott

Our Disney experience was incredible! Thank you Michelle for everything you did to make this trip so much fun!!! We had a few tricky scenarios to work through due to our schedule, but Michelle knew how to make everything work just right! She was on standby early Sunday morning and helped me navigate a situation that ended up with us meeting Anna and Elsa! And that was definitely the highlight of this trip! Words just cannot express how thankful I am for that moment - it is something my daughter and I will remember forever!!! Thank you so so much! We can't wait to go back and we will always use Michelle for our Disney planning!!!
-Allison Lewallyn, TX

Sarah, I just wanted to extend my thanks again for all your help and support getting us to Disney. Everything between leaving Cleveland and then returning to Cleveland was planned and organized in a way that was easy for us to experience as much as we could during our days in Orlando. We really had a fantastic stay at Riverside and the parks each day were incredible. Our evening dining choices were perfect for us with great food/memories.

I highly recommend you use Tracy we used her last year and it was an absolute pleasure she got us the best possible rates and knew all the secrets to making our visit amazing she even took the time to call us while there to make sure everything was ok - Although I did not know her personally I gave her a chance and responded to her post here last year thinking we could never afford to stay on property - her prices were so good she made our wish a reality she managed to get us within our budget staying on site with airports transfers and the meal plan.
-Louise Pardo Regine - The Scrub Shop at Becky's Boutique

Abbie you are the best!!! We never had to worry about anything on a trip as complicated to plan as this was. You are a true professional and Love The Mouse Travel should be very proud to have someone as professional as yourself representing them.

Thank you for an awesome week we will always use Kim and Eric!
-Chuck Wolbert, Fl

Abbie - Just wanted to send you a note to tell you we all had a fabulous time at Disney. It was so much fun! Thank you for all your help. You made everything so easy for us and were so helpful with advice and suggestions along the way. It really made a HUGE difference in our experience. All our reservations were made ahead of time and you don't know how many people we bumped into or overheard who had to wait over an hour for the character meals, etc. Disney is fabulous, but it can be overwhelming because there are so many options and so many things to do!! I feel like we were so organized and it was all due to your help. When we arrived at the hotel, the stroller was waiting for us, our groceries were waiting for us. It was so great. And, we did use the luggage service so we never even saw our bags, they magically appeared in our room and when we checked out, we had our boarding passes in hand and didn't have to drag our suitcases around with us. It was so easy - I was very impressed.

The kids had a blast, our resort was wonderful and the magic bands made everything so easy. We had such a great time and are already talking about when our next visit will be 🙂

I sound like a broken record, but believe me when I fell you that  Kimberly and Eric Lancy were invaluable in making our Disney experience second to none. They can help you do the same if you are thinking of a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Their passion and love for Disney shines through permanently. Message them if you are looking into a Disney vacation for your family.

We just finished packing to come home and as I'm thinking back on how wonderful
our Disney trip has been, I want to thank you guys again for planning such an
incredible vacation. From figuring out the best room configuration and resort
for our family to helping us troubleshoot Disney's quirky technical stuff, down
to all the details and surprises that you packed in our send-off packet...you
were so fabulous, and we can't say enough how much we appreciate your
assistance! THANK YOU, Kim and Eric Lancy!
-Keely and Kasey McIntyre, Pennsylvania

Abbie - I just wanted to let you know how much we loved our cruise on the Disney Dream!! Everything was amazing!!! So much to do in so little time!! I'm exhausted... Lol! Now that we know we love it, we'll definitely go longer next time! Thank you so much for all your help and information, it really made our first time cruise experience worry and stress free!! We're looking forward to planning our next trip already!!....Through you, of course!!

Thank you so much Abbie for planning the most fabulous Disney vacation for our family! It was such a memorable and fun time! There are so many different opinions we had received that made a Disney vacation seem overwhelming until we met with you. Every detail was thought of and you really customized it to what we were looking for. It was truly a magical & perfect vacation because of you which we will be reminiscing about for years to come! Thank you Abbie!!!!

On behalf of myself and my family thank you so much for setting up the perfect family vacation! Your planning, suggestions, reservations, recomendations, and coordination made for an incredible first trip to Disney World! We got it ALL in plus more! The shows were phenomenal. The fireworks brilliant. The restaurants "WOW"! The kids had a blast with the autograph books. Everything, I mean everything, went just as planned. I'll be passing your name/number to anyone I know planning a Disney trip.
-Steve Fugazzotto , Massachusetts


Thank you so much for helping us organize wonderful vacation at Disney. We had a really great time, kids just loved it and want to come back there 'real soon'. Your advice and patience paid with the great time we had.
-Aneta, Peter, Ania and Mateusz

Just wanted to tell you we had a great time at Disney! Melissa did an awesome job! We loved it all and came home exhausted!
-Terri, Iowa

Words cannot express the thanks I wish to bestow on you for the most marvelous trip you planned for our family. To say we had a wonderful time would be an understatement. It was freezing but the smiles and laughter we felt kept us warm. All of us had a great time. The arrangement you made for us were PERFECT! I have already recommended your services to at least 100 people. Many, many thanks and kudos of a job well done!
-Susie, Biloxi, MS

I just had to take a moment to thank you so much for making our trip to Disney so wonderful. The dining you picked out for us were perfect!
-Bente, Jackson, MS

LOVED LOVED LOVED our trip!!! I can’t wait to go back! Thank you SO much for everything!
-Amber, Gulfport, MS

Thank you for making our FIRST trip to Disney the best ever! Check in was amazing. They had everything ready and waiting for us thanks to the pre-check in you did prior to our arrival. Your suggestions on places to dine that the kids would enjoy were spot on! We will be booking again… SOON. Thanks again… YOU ROCK!
-Caterina, Fort Smith, AR

I wanted to send you a quick thank you for all your help in arranging our Disney trip. All three of us had a blast and made memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks so much for all of your help and I’ll let you know when we are ready to plan our next trip!
-Angela, Dallas, TX

I want to thank you for arranging our Disney vacation. We had a wonderful time and your helpful tips were AMAZING! We never waited in line more than five minutes. My family was so impressed and your service is the BEST!
-Margaret, Oxford, MS

Thanks for taking care of our trip. It was everything we wanted it to be!
-Chris, Biloxi, MS

Disney is amazing! We enjoyed our trip immensely. The kids loved having breakfast with all of the Disney characters, and Mom and Dad loved the Krispy Kremes. Thank you for all of your hard work. We will be contacting you soon about a Disney cruise.
-Marion, Biloxi, MS

My husband and I had the time of our lives and got the most bang for our buck! Thank you so much for making our trip magical. We are looking forward to our next trip… and this time we might even bring the kids!
-Dee Dee, Fort Worth, TX