My love of Disney began like many others at a young age. However, what really sparked my true fascination with and love for all things Disney was finding out that I share a birthday with Walt Disney himself! I mean…. Doesn’t that have to mean I was born for Disney? I say YES!

Some of my most treasured family memories have been made at Disney! I began planning Disney vacations because I want everyone to experience the magic of Disney and make the same type of memories. I am a true “Disney adult” and visit the parks as often as I can! Because of that I always have up to date and first hand knowledge to better assist my clients. When you choose to plan with me, you’re getting someone who is vested in your vacation just as you are. I treat each individual trip as if it were my own. From the initial booking until the vacation itself, I am there for my clients. You call the shots and I do my absolute best to make that magic happen! I also love talking Disney, so all questions big or small are always a welcome part of the planning process with me…. it’s seriously my favorite part! So contact me today and let’s talk Disney!!!

Shelly Gorlott

Irvington, AL 
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