Hello! My name is Tamika Smith and I am from Indianapolis, IN. I am a single mom of three teenage daughters. As a single mom, Disney was out of my reach for so long. We finally were able to visit Disney in 2016 and it was mine and my daughters’ first time to Disney together. We fell in love with all the magic and love that comes with Disney.

After that first time, it was very important that we keep up the tradition of visiting Disney at least one time per year. Family is everything and you cannot put a price tag on memories. As someone who was never able to visit Disney as a kid and always thought that Disney was way out of our reach, I began wanting to help others who may not have the immediate means to be able to experience the magic of Disney. It truly is magical and like no other.

My services are completely free and I can help find your dream vacation. You can contact me at any time and I will be pleased to assist. I look forward to speaking with you.

Tamika Smith

Greenwood, IN 
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